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How Heat Exchangers Work?

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Each type of Heat Exchanger has a different way of working based on the needs of each industry. However, heat exchangers have the same function, namely to transfer heat from one medium to another through the conduction process.

The goal is to increase the efficiency or safety of a process. Some processes will not work at all without a heat exchanger.

The following are the common types of Heat Exchangers used


Air Cooled Heat Exchangers such as UniAir in the form of radiator can cool hot medium in the form of liquids or air by using cold air that is channelled through the perimeter of the tubes. The heat from the hot medium is transferred to the cold air, reducing the temperature of the medium.

Some of UniAir applications are hydraulic oil cooler, lube oil cooler, transmission cooler, hydraulic power pack, hydraulic pumping unit (HPU), conveyor belt, construction machinery, compressor etc.

Find out more about Air Cooled UniAir Heat Exchangers HERE.

Shell and Tube

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers such as UniEx are types of heat exchangers that use one large tube (shell) containing the medium to be cooled or heated. Inside the Shell there is a path with small pipes (Tube) containing other media that can heat or cool as needed.

There are several variations in Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger such as Counterflow, Parallel flow and Cross flow, Single Pass, Multiple Passes, etc.

Some of UniEx applications are machinery oil cooling, hydraulic oil cooler, transmission oil cooler, construction machinery, etc.

Find out more about UniEx Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers HERE.

Finned Tube

Finned Tube Heat Exchangers such as UniFin maximize surface area for increased speed and efficiency in temperature transfer. This type is especially helpful when the component or fluid to be used has a low thermal conductivity.

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger is made of flat plates, called fins or fins, then the pipe is placed between the fins. This allows Finned Tube Heat Exchangers to cool or heat the temperature of a component or liquid over a large surface area.

Find out more about the UniFin Finned Tube Heat Exchanger HERE.

Choosing a Heat Exchangers

When choosing Heat Exchangers, there are different types that can be used based on your needs. Contact us now to find out which Heat Exchanger is best suited for you!

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