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Common heat exchanger applications

As Technology Advances, the demand for Technologies with better performance also increases, and with the increase in performance, heat is generated more and overheating tends to occur. To prevent that from happening, Heat Exchangers are used, as they can reroute the heat in order to keep the temperature of a particular machine stable.

Find out more below on the lists of applications where Heat Exchangers are commonly used.

Heavy Machinery/ Automotive

Heat exchangers in the form of radiators are also used in applications to cool hydraulic oil, transmission oil, as well as radiator fluid in various kinds of heavy machinery such as excavators, cranes, backhoes, concrete pumps, dozers, etc.


Heat exchangers are also used in all industrial applications that use hydraulic oil. This includes power plants, chemical process plants, as well as various industrial machines, such as hydraulic power packs, hydraulic pumping units, hydraulic presses, lube oil coolers, screw compressors, conveyor belts, turbine coolers, etc..


Even in the defence sector, we find heat exchangers. They are installed, for example, on the navy surface and auxiliary ships as well as on submarines. They cool nuclear submarine propulsion motors.

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